Painting Applied to Architecture and Décor

The Ateliers de Ricou were created in 1989, from the encounter of two forms of expertise: painted décors and the restoration of paintings and sculptures for Historical Monuments.

A coherent relationship between décor and architecture has arisen from this confrontation. The belief in remaining as faithful as possible to the spirit of a place, from Classicism to Modernity, has become their creed.

The story of the Ateliers de Ricou consists of three hundred restoration projects. Each one is the result of the identity of a specific place associated with the commissioner’s desires, and bears witness to a large variety of techniques, styles and materials.

The Ateliers de Ricou create luxurious, made to measure décors which are fully in harmony with architectural tradition. Innate accuracy and refinement accompany historical exactitude.

The utmost quality in decoration is intended for rare amateurs who possess of the means and taste required to live in exceptional environments. It calls for knowledge, quality, expertise in technique and imagination. Beauty in décor is born from a successful combination of this alchemy.

Cyril and Stéphanie de Ricou were taught by three renown personalities in the art world, veritable mentors in their fields of knowledge: Michel Bourbon and M L de C, restorers of art work, and Lila de Nobili, stage designer.

Endowed with this precious baggage along with their growing experience, Cyril and Stéphanie direct a team of top specialists where each person develops his own talents. United by the projects they have worked on together, the team is confident and achieves exceptional results on both technical and organizational levels.  Deadlines are always scrupulously respected.


Hôtel de Guines, restoration completed